Entitlement Programs Helping the People but Hurting the Country

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Many people view the United States as a country of opportunity in which you can live happily and be presented the opportunity to achieve any goals that you may have, regardless of your class or financial status. This idea is helped made possible by our government. But our government might not be able to provide as much help to that dream if we keep going deeper into debt. In my opinion we need to fund all of these assistance programs less in America so the rest of us can grow and force other to take responsibility and grow up Helping those partaking in the programs has come at a cost to our country. We have accumulated a colossal amount of debt. This is due to many different things one of which is governmental spending on assistance…show more content…
Those who partake in assistance programs do not have the means to pay taxes back to the government. We are pouring billions of dollars into programs to help citizens who cannot help themselves, in the hopes that they will battle their way out of their poor situation and become viable citizens and help pay taxes. On paper this is a great idea however like many ideas it has setbacks. Many of the citizens that we hope climb out of their situation don’t. This is a problem because we now have more people receiving money than we have people paying into the programs. If we reduce our funding to these programs we can help slow the rate at which we are falling into debt.
Those not onboard with reduced funding argue that we can put more money into the programs if we raise taxes on the rich sector. This is another one of those ideas that looks great on paper but also has many drawbacks. There a couple of things wrong with this idea one being the fairness of it. Why should we punish those who earn more? That is segregating one group from the population because they earn more. People battled for years to end segregation and now we want to segregate one group and tell them they owe the government more money because they can afford it. That is not at all morally right or considerate. So taxing the rich more is not an answer. When we were little we were told, “Help people who can not help themselves “ but the real question is if they can
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