Entity Relationship Diagram of a Video Rental Store

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Video Rental Store Entity Relationship Diagram For this video rental store, the movie database contains three kinds of records namely customers, tapes, and rentals. Whenever a customer visits the video store, the database is looked at to determine whether the store attendants already know the new customer; and if not, a new record is added to update the new customer’s details (Beynon-Davies, 2004). In the database, important information about the customer that is stored includes the customer's name and each customer is given a unique identifier; usually an ID whenever their details have been entered into the database. In addition, in compiling the database, the customer's birth dates are vital in gauging whether they should be allowed to rent certain movies or not. Moreover, given that some customers delay in returning borrowed movies, it forces the shop attendants to send them text messages or phone them thus, customers are requested to issue the store’s attendants with their phone numbers. Additionally, other supplementary information about the customers such as their home addresses may also be used; though not essential in designing the database. After compiling the customer’s details, the next step is the need to keep track of the videos that the store stocks. Each video has a title and a distributor which are stored in the store’s database (Chen, 1976). Since the store has several copies of the same movie and many movies are from the same distributor, it is not
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