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Communication is a tremendous aspect of everyday life. The effects of positive and negative communication are imperative to making deals, providing information, and even everyday office interaction. The way people communicate with each other defines their character, especially in an office setting. Positive communication skills are appreciated and are the basis of running a successful company. Conversely, negative communication can lead to business failure, as well as poor relationships with co-workers. Three positive methods of communication are active listening, effective speaking, and confidence. Three negative methods of communication are strong reactions, providing misleading information, and the use improper communication tools. Ari …show more content…
Ari always communicates in a confident manner. He often reassures his clients that he is the number one agent in Hollywood. This gives clients a sense of relief that they are in good hands. Ari’s confidence has given him his big name in Hollywood. In turn, allowing him to reach out and contact whoever he desires. The business of being an agent revolves around constant contacts. The business is enormous, so being well connected is what makes Ari so powerful. Strong reactions fall on the negative side of the spectrum with communication methods. When experiencing strong feelings about work, it is important to vent and express your feelings in a calm, collected manner. Blowing up at an employee or client is not professional, nor will it give a good impression. While dealing with clients or employees, patience and understanding must be expressed. Mistakes are made all of the time in the workplace. Dealing with them in a collected manner will earn respect from employees (Megan Martin). Ari has a tendency to explode and lash out at employees. Mistakes are not tolerated and usually met with termination of a job. Ari’s constant barrage of insults thrown around makes him unapproachable and feared. One specific outburst leads to the unjust firing of a mailroom employee. Ari meant to fire an employee and was met in his office by the mailroom employee. Without knowing the appearance of his

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