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Request for PROPOSAL 1/30/2013 GuanJie,Wen Executive Summary Our company is a medium size cabinetry manufacturing company, looking for software to improve supply chain management system. I was asked to find a RFP that fits in our requirements and situation. After doing some research on the internet, I have an overview of RFP. “A Request for Proposal (RFP) is the primary document that is sent to suppliers that invites them to submit a proposal to provide goods or services. Internally, an RFP can also be referred to as a sourcing project, a document, or an associated event” (Wheaton, 2008). Basic on the requirements provided by the company, three reliable RFP for SCM were found by the research on the…show more content…
The company’s goal is to create add value to its customers while acting in a responsible way to the environment. The RFP template was downloaded from online research, and it is a SCM for products. The WinWinD’s RFP contains: * Clear table of contents for quick navigation * Detailed Business Requirements * Well-formed RFP timetable (Deadline for submission of proposals) * Cost breakdown schedule * Succinct description of company overview * Selection criteria * Link for other documents The issues from using this template are: * limited description on each section * Cost breakdown and cost proposal are too simple, and should use format or forms to analysis * Poor evaluation system Key Elements’ Competition In this section, three key elements of RFP standard will be discussed and a best RFP template will be selected for each element. Evaluation and Criteria 1) UNDP’s RFP provides a powerful evaluation

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