Entrances, And Restroom Accommodations

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entrances, and restroom accommodations. The more people with disabilities are able to access physical facilities, the more they will be part of the general population. As expounded above, this means access to any indoor or outdoor spaces a person needs to use. A reasonable accommodation to enable access for people with disabilities is expected to be provided by the government body, the owner or tenant of the space, the service provider, the employer, or the school. An adjustment to whatever barrier prevents access that imposes difficulties on the individual, business, organization, or institution which providing the accommodation is a reasonable accommodation. However, to try to find some other way to deliver services to a participant who uses a wheelchair. 2.2.3 Accessible design of built environment Accessible design extends standard design to people with mobility limitation. Its purpose is to maximize the number of people who can readily use a product, building or service. This can be achieved either by designing products, services and environments that are readily usable by most users without any modification, or by means of standardized interfaces compatible with special products for PWD (Fadilah, 2008). The current legislation is not enough for local authorities to monitor whether the built environment industry comply with minimum standards for accessibility for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Malaysia (Ch’ng, 2010). This is evidence that the government has

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