Entrepreneur By Jamie Oliver

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Part A
1. Introduction
Entrepreneur is a person who habitually creates and innovates something with recognised value and seizes the opportunities to convert them to marketable ideas (Bolton & Thompson, 2004). Kuratko (2009) describes entrepreneurship as a process of vision and creation that requires an application of energy and passion towards the creation and implantation of new ideas and creative solutions.
For this assignment, my chosen entrepreneur is Jamie Oliver. I will be using his biography and three other articles to analyse his personal, sociological and environmental antecedents. 2. Background of Entrepreneur
Jamie Oliver was born in Essex, England where he frequently helped out in his parent’s restaurant called The Cricketers,
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People with high internal locus of control believe that events result mainly from themselves and not based on luck or fate (Schaper, et al., 2014). Therefore, for me to success in running the business, I must believe that I can control the events in my life and not give up halfway.
Thirdly, effective entrepreneurs have a strong desire to know how well they are doing and how can they improve their performance. According to Kuratko (2009), feedback is also central to their learning from mistakes and setbacks. Therefore, in running my business, I have to actively seek feedback from customers and learn from these mistakes.
Fourthly, successful entrepreneurs are those who learn to manage, calculate and transfer some risks to others (Schaper, et al., 2014). Therefore, I need to learn how to manage risks and view some of this risk as an opportunity in running the business.
Lastly, Shapero and Sokol (1982) stated that family plays the most important role in forming the desirability and trustworthiness of the entrepreneurial action. Therefore, with the support from my family, I believe that I am able to start a company

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