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Entrepreneur Interview Essay
Considering any business, people imagine rich, prosperous, initiative and resourceful entrepreneurs, who successfully started and developed their own company. Today’s interview deals with spa business. Chief Manager of an International A.B.C. Spa company will help us to understand the system of spa business and its profitability. A.B.C Spa cooperates with world leaders and professionals in this sphere. It efficiently provides qualified service for clients. Our interview will help to learn more about spa business on the example of a small A.B.C. Spa branch in America.

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6. How large a part does creativity play in your business?
Creative work, innovations and initiative ideas are of great importance, especially for spa business. Nowadays more and more people get involved in this sphere. It creates high competition. That’s why it’s necessary to have unique approach not to be like others. New equipment and professional staff are always valuable.

7. Are your rewards tangible? Intangible?
Rewards depend on procedure costs and expenses. We provide service for about 200 steady clients, which means 10-15 thousand dollars of steady income. Average client spends 200-300$ for one therapy. Cosmetics trade brings additional profit of 2,000$ per month. I think that our rewards became more or less tangible within 2 years of hard work.

8. What was your best marketing technique?
We tried to create a saloon which would satisfy clients and personnel as well. Club system for steady clients and high discounts contributed to our success. People often ask how we managed to gain prestige and image in such a short period of time. In this case advertising should be taken into account. Efficient ways to attract audience were probably our best technique. We offered our service through mail, Internet, invitations, publications in local press and even on TV. What really matters is a clever combination of all these methods.

9. What portion of gross sales do you spend on advertising?
About 20,000$. We’ve been using

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