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Debbi Fields, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Bobbi Brown, creator of high end makeup, Dany Levy, web based media pioneer, Jenna Jameson, porn princess to media mogul, Anita Roddick, The Body Shop, Madame CJ Walker, First female African American millionaire (hair care products), Coco Chanel, fashion and signature fragrances, and Estee Lauder, Beauty products. This is a very small list of a few famous female entrepreneurs throughout history. These women started their own businesses with the passion and desire to help others or provide a product they felt was needed. Females have difficulty climbing the corporate ladder and it is just as difficult, if not more, to open their own business. But clearly, as I will indicate, and history has presented,…show more content…
It should be the thrill of the journey that keeps you going. Most women fail when they can’t make the transition into business ownership from corporate America. Two of your greatest predictors of success are confidence and determination. Your confidence creates the courage and strength to do what others only dream about. Your determination will provide stamina to keep going. Successful female entrepreneurs have a vision and know clearly where they want to take their business. They are so driven they often get ahead of themselves.
Successful female entrepreneurs are patient, persistent, and persevere. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Building a new business always takes longer than you think even with careful planning and an extremely well built business plan. There will be unexpected expenses and changes in the market that can affect your growth strategy. It takes time and you can count on a lot of “no’s” along the way and should be thought of as an obstacle in the road than a dead end. Lillian Vernon, CEO and founder of Lillian Vernon Corporation says, “You must have vision and passion.”
You must persevere, be optimistic, and never give up.” But even in the face of adversity, most women business owners are amazingly resilient. When adversity does hit recharge, reenergize, and keep on going. When things don’t go your way or the way you want them to, you know that you can’t change the
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