Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurial leadership helps develop and sustain elements of the organizational culture. Bergstrom (2004) interpreted that entrepreneurial leadership has three dimensions: 1) take more risk; 2) favor change to obtain the advantage; and 3) compete aggressively. We will discuss the common elements of different theories and philosophies as it relates to the new definition of entrepreneurial leadership. I will discuss my leadership style that I aspire to be, and compare it to dimensions of other leadership styles. Entrepreneurs have a wealth of knowledge at their finger tips using tools and resources available through the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the website SCORE. We will explore
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To sum it up, I am a transactional transformed visionary with charismatic principles who likes to lead.
Discuss how you would use resources and tools available through the Small Business Administration and SCORE. A wealth of knowledge is compiled in one location for the small business entrepreneurial. The Small Business Administration website offers the Small Business Training Network (SBTN)

which is a virtual campus offering online courses, publication and other forms of technical support. Gaining as much knowledge about running a business will give you that more of an advantage in a down economy. I would use the business planning and business management on the virtual campus. This would educate me on preparing a business plan and finding out how to strategically plan for the future of my business. Also on the SBA website they have a course on the SBTN on Finance and Accounting. This course will explain SBA financing and funding for the small business, it will walk you through filling out the loan packet, and it will introduce you to accounting. One of the most important aspects of running a business is the bookkeeping. Every business owner should know how to record income and expenses. I then went to the SCORE website, they have a template gallery for free downloads. I could down load a start up business plan, 12-month cash flow spreadsheet and a 12-month

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