Entrepreneurial Leadership Traits And Characteristics

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Entrepreneur Leadership

Reflective Report

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Introduction 1
Entrepreneurial Leadership Traits and Characteristics 1
My Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses 4
Developmental Plan to Improve Leadership Skills 5
Conclusion 6
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Entrepreneurial leadership qualities are essential in order attain success. During different phases of life, I discovered a number of entrepreneurial characteristics within me that helped me to move forward towards my aim. Going through the literatures I have learned a number of entrepreneurial leadership qualities mentioned by qualified authors. In this paper I have mentioned some of the qualities that I have discovered within me. In this paper I have mentioned
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Within me, I have discovered such characteristics when I became organiser of the sports event in my college. My team was assigned with the task of attracting arranging sponsorships, invite sports celebrities as chief guests and coordinating the teams of other colleges that were taking part in the competition. I was convinced with the idea of taking sponsorships from the brands that are endorsed by the top sports celebrities. However it was difficult but I convinced my team member and the teachers and was successful in taking sponsorships from the brands only that were endorsed by the sports celebrates, hence I envisioned the idea and forge it and executed the idea successfully.
According to Jensen & Luthans (2006), entrepreneurial leaders are capable of identifying opportunities and gaining advantage. They also successfully manage the change and gain advantage. I discovered this characteristic within me through a business challenge that was organised by university in which I was studying. The challenge included proposing a business idea and I managed to propose the business idea focused on niche market. I was awarded with the second price in the challenge that further strengthens my belief of identifying the opportunities and taking advantage from them, which is also one of the characteristic of entrepreneurial leader.
Hmieleski & Baron (2009) in his work mentioned that entrepreneurial
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