Entrepreneurial Project

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Module Title: Entrepreneurship Project
Candidate Name: Ayoub Hussain Merali
Candidate ID: W13149301
Module Code: BMKT614.0
Credit Level: 6
Credit Value: 30 Credits
Module Leader: Dr Jane Chang
Assessment 3: Reflective Assignment
Deadline: 25th April 2013 (12 noon)

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Executive Summary 3 1.0 Introduction 4 1.1 Entrepreneurial Project 4 1.2 Experimental Learning 5 1.3 Reflective Learning 5 1.4 Reflexive Learning 6 2.0 Key Events Table: 7 3.0 Satisfactory Graph 8 4.0 Critical Incidents & the 9 steps 9 5.0 Define The Project 10 5.1 Critical Incident – Misunderstanding of Project Definition 10 6.0 Describe the team strengths & weaknesses during project 10 6.1 Critical Incident: more team
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Below is a diagram I made showing my entrepreneurial cycle, core areas are completed successfully preparing me for the future.

1.2 Experimental Learning

Experimental Learning is a flaccid tool used throughout this entrepreneurial project; Experimental Learning has provided me with direction, this practical project “acted as a guide.”: (Hutton 1989). The kinesthetic approach (Fenwick 2000), constant feedback from mentors & module leader as well as the active phase of learning “reflects on different ways of knowing.”:(McGill 1989), this mirrors how meaningfulness this entrepreneurial project has been too me.
This project helps develop personal cognitive skills (analyzing journals) as well as practical skills (action learning), and emphases the importance of “incidental learning.” (Marwick & Watkins, 1990). Emotional intelligence is also developed, in a sense of how this project teaches the importance of self-management to maximize efficiency & brings continuous professional development (Coleman 1995, 1998).
1.3 Reflective Learning

Reflection is a key tool during this entrepreneurial project, the
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