Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners

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There has been great discussion over entrepreneurs and small business owners within academia, and how they can be defined and differentiated. This paper will explore how small business owners and entrepreneurs are divergent, through the similarities and differences between their ventures, characteristics and motivations. This essay will examine academic text to express these differences and show what characteristics create an entrepreneur which has the skills and power to develop a growth firm. While attempting to differentiate small business owners and entrepreneurs it is worth noting that there is no set definition of either, as all small business owners and entrepreneurs are different in their traits, background and motives.

There have been attempts within literature to define both entrepreneurs and small business owners. Within Carland et al, Differentiating Entrepreneurs from Small Business Owners: A Conceptualization (1984), entrepreneurs are defined as ‘an individual who establishes and manages a business for the principal purposes of profit and growth…characterised principally by innovative behaviour and will employ strategic management practices in the business.’ This definition applies great emphasis on the entrepreneur’s interest in development and growth – both in scale and in practices, Which contrasts with the later definition of small business owners, which focuses on the personal and family attachment to the business; ‘an individual who establishes and
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