Entrepreneurs Are America 's Best Resource For Economic Prosperity And Growth

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Entrepreneurs are America’s best resource for economic prosperity and growth (Hall, A.) The creation of new products and services start with an idea to create a new product or an innovative product that already exists. The way a product or service is marketed to the consumers is the life or death of a product. Even the best product can fail if it is not presented in such a way that consumers are drawn to purchase it; which is ultimately the goal of any business that plans to make money off a manufactured goods or service. The Four P’s of marketing a product is the outline in which this can be done and what needs to be taken into consideration before the launch of a product. An effective strategy is essential to the growth of any business. The product chosen for this paper are snakeskin bangles from Adornments Boutique. As a hobby and side business, these handmade accessories are designed from genuine snakeskin and sell as fashionable jewelry. This is definitely a niche product that has been a challenge to find the target consumer. According to the website Statistic Brain, in 2013 the fashion industry brought in about $1.2 Trillion (Statistic Brain), so people are buying; the difficult task is getting them to buy into this chosen product. Pricing is important when marketing a product. The determining factor for the pricing is the material, time to make, amount spent on marketing and promotion of the product. The goal in providing such a product that is moderately

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