Entrepreneurs Are Born and Not Made?

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Entrepreneurs are born and not made An entrepreneur is ‘a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.’ So are entrepreneurs born? Or made? There have been many debates from businessmen to academics alike on whether entrepreneurs are born or made, but is it as straight forward as that? In this essay I will evaluate arguments both for and against this statement and conclude it with my own personal observation. The argument for this statement that entrepreneurs are born is a scientific one, with the questions being are there specific entrepreneurial genes and/or chromosomes. Some of the characteristics credited to entrepreneurs include…show more content…
Very few people are wealth creators and it is really important that people realize where their strength lies.” Another argument for this statement is by looking at the two of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs Lord Alan Sugar and Sir Richard Branson. It is common fact that both of these men did not achieve significant success in education. Both Sir Richard Branson and Lord Sugar left school when they were 16, starting up their first businesses and have now become two of Britain’s richest men. Although there is not any real significant evidence for this statement, it is widely believed to have some truth behind it. Many scientists are conducting experiments and studies in relation to the topic of nature vs nurture, but yet to have wielded and concrete results. An article written by Greg Watson talks of one of these experiments that suggest nature wins this argument. ‘Stanford University conducted a research project… continued and ongoing achievements.’ The second part of this argument is that Entrepreneurs are made, or as otherwise defined as nurtured. Nurtured is defined as ‘the sum of environmental influences and conditions acting on an organism’, therefore the first influences acting on an entrepreneur are the social influences. All personal character traits are either encouraged, discouraged and over time developed in the social environment that they find themselves in. Examples of
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