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Established on a revision conducted by "Kaufman" Foundation in 2010, women are businesses established in the greatest repeatedly for the same motives that drive men to do so, i.e. to achieve prosperity and benefit from their philosophies, and independence of any to be human head itself, and in poor countries establish most women companies because of the economic necessity. Has been engaged in 2010, more than 104 million women aged between 18-64 years in the establishment and management of new business projects, and have made a dramatically improve economies in 59 countries, based on the study of the global institution conducted to monitor Entrepreneurship (GEM ), an international group of university research

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Feminine entrepreneurship in successful advancing And still in the development stage, where we have not become to the opinion where the women accustomed to real.

In the economy, and mingling entrepreneurial spirit with land, employment and natural possessions and capital can harvest profits. Containing entrepreneurship through revolution and hazard, and an essential part of the nation’s ability to prosper in the continually changing worldwide bazaar and progressively competitive.

The expansion in the development strategies followed by States to growth the participation rate of women in the employment power and expand that its role in the development process of women and prospered in removing difficulties and pave the way front of them gradually occupies a lot of leadership positions in various government and private sectors and appeared numerous studies that confirm that women workers make up one of the most important factors affecting the global economic development..
In this regard, a recent education distributed by the Bureau of Labour possessors activities of the International Labour Organisation entitled "Women in Business and Management: the momentum of a growing" that although the proportion of women in senior management positions are still weak showed, the number of women who hold senior positions, central grown in the last twenty years.
The study unrestricted mid-January to the past and
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