Entrepreneurship And Innovation : Hemp Oil Canada

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Hemp Oil Canada
Many problems, limitations and opportunities have inspired people to break the barriers of the inertia and taken them out of the comfort zone. Forced by solving difficulties or take an opportunity they have been pushed to innovate and bring value to the world. In spite of the fact that this inspiration or innovation sometimes is caused by problems and difficulties, one important characteristic of this group of people is the capacity of undertake new challenges.
Moved by what Mr. Peter Drucker in 1985 called as “sources of opportunity” (cited in Mitra, 2012, p.40), Mr. Shan Crew, owner and founder of Hemp Oil Canada Inc in March of 1998 took the opportunity to produce and sell hemp products after the decision of the Canada’s government in favor of the hemp’s legalization for consumption as food or medicine. In addition, the unexpected end of what he called in his interview to CannaInsider as “crow subsidies” (CannaInsider, 2015) which were subsidies that allowed farmers in the middle of Canada send their products to the ports with reduced rates, where without this subsidy for transportation, the products of those farmers became too expensive, making expensive to ship to the ports, creating the opportunity for Mr.Crew to move on.
Despite of the unfamiliarity of Mr. Crew in food processing and agriculture, he saw those facts as opportunities, where according to him a kind of “alignment of planets” (CannaInsider, 2015) was

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