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Entrepreneurship Assignment 1 Case study Name:Eleni Botes Student Number: 41217323 Tutor:Ian Gregson Table contents 1. Introduction 2. Contents 3. Skills 4. Attributes 5. Personal skills analysis 6. Scanning the external environment 7. References 8. Bibliography 1. Introduction Task one of this case study refers to the examination of Annie Hall’s achievements which include “Time for a Change”. I am required to discuss and identify the skills, attributes, and behavior of the entrepreneur Annie Hall which will be discussed and analyzed further. I will also list my own thoughts and observations regarding the skills required to persevere as an entrepreneur and I will make parallel comparisons with…show more content…
As an Entrepreneur to work well on business, motivation is very important for me and my business by having my staff motivated at all times I would make them want to work even harder since the relationship is good between me and them, make them feel like they want to go to work, and not leave from work. Ambitious is the key to do something I desire and being passionate about it. This point I strongly believe is important to have good relationship in the working environment. Organization skills are important in the working environment, such as in working a lot faster and when a good entrepreneur is organized the job flows more easily even by giving attention to detail is important because most of the times the little things count more. My ability to think out of a box as an entrepreneur and be open minded towards new ideas is the main difference between managers according to Stephen Key that says “you have to be able to live with the unknown” to able to learn and adjust as I go . As a leader I would be willing time by time to make differences vision a better future for my business either to expand or make more money which that is one of the main targets, by doing something I personally love and earn a profit . Also I think the flexibility as a young entrepreneur willing to do any job that is

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