Entrepreneurship Case.. the Foreign Proposal

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UNIVERSITY OF BALLARAT FACULTY OF BUSINESS, ENVIRONMENT & SOCIETY MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION ENTREPRENEURSHIP CASE 14.3 – EDGAR’S BUSINESS SUBMITTED BY : SODHI PRABJOT STUDENT ID NUMBER : 30106256 LECTURER : DR. WONG WAI NAM EDGAR’S BUSINESS What type of arrangement is Edgar using in his business dealings with the firms in Australia, Singapore and Dubai? Be complete with your answers. Edgar sells its products to different parts of the world through a contractual agreement. Edgar has a strong association in Australia, Singapore and Dubai to sell its products on the…show more content…
In this way he can monitor the market trends and evaluate his strategies accordingly.(Wordpress, 2012). Therefore, before attempting to set up operations in China to focus on the Asian market, you can implement dealer / Chinese cooperation with local businesses. After checking the sales for one or two years, as the company made a profit of starting a new company in China to develop (Rpemery, 2012). The local Chinese distributor also helps start a new business because they know the market well. This avoids confusion for sale in the country and increases the tedious tasks, such as finding the right place for the office or the purchase of machinery for the production of plants to reduce. It has the support of Chinese merchants to do business. Personally, I recommend Edgar in collaboration with a local company in China. As for the Asian market, it would be very easy for him to get the chips to sell to neighboring countries as the process itself would be a good thing for China. Edgar must begin to enter into distribution agreements with certain suppliers in China. If it is known in the chip industry can create their own Asian company to be established in China and its operations and management functions itself when it is installed in a place I know the whole culture work and local law. It would be great Edgar profitable in the long term. Reference GeminiGeek. (2013). Meaning Of Partnership. Retrieved from
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