Entrepreneurship Development

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Chapter 5 ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT Entrepreneurship is not an inborn skill; it is a product of environment. It involves a complex of economic and social behavior. To be successful, an entrepreneur has to remain dynamic and responsible to the whole environment. Entrepreneurship can hardly survive under any given circumstances. It can flourish only under right environment. It is a part of total system. The social values, culture, government policies, political system, technology, economic conditions, laws, etc influence the growth of entrepreneurship. In fact, the entrepreneurship can not be kept aloof from the changing social values, ideologies, new emerging aspirations, environmental pressures, religious beliefs,…show more content…
There is more sentimental attachment of family members of joint family as compared to nuclear family. But even in nuclear families, sentimental association or emotional bonds are stronger in India as compared to those in the western countries. The environment of the family also influences the entrepreneurship. If rather the father is a professional or a businessman or the like, the son is more likely to adopt the same occupation because of certain inherent advantages by virtue of his father being in the similar line. Similarly, social status has its own role to play. Every human being aspires for a high social status and once he achieves a reasonable level, his aspirations and desires for it start getting multiplied. People, therefore, become quite responsible in the wake of protecting and developing desire their status. Chester Barnard said that the desire for improvement of status and especially the desire to protect status appear to be the basis of a sense of general responsibilities. People work hard to maintain their status as it also contributes to their entrepreneurial growth. Caste and religion of entrepreneurs are the contributory factor of entrepreneurial development. History reveals that the entrepreneurial traits do not belong to a specific caste rather the entrepreneurs emerge from varied communities. James Berna conducted a study of 52 medium – scale manufacturing entrepreneurs and found that
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