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Dr. Jyotsna Sethi

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Entrepreneurship as a Career Option
1.3 Concepts and Definitions 1.3.1 Entrepreneur
1.3.2 Entrepreneurship
1.3.3 Enterprise
1.3.4 Difference between Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
1.4 Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development
1.4.1 Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
1.4.2Entrepreneurship and Education
1.5 Functions of an Entrepreneur
1.6 Innovation
1.7 Risk and Uncertainty Bearing
1.8 Organization
1.9 Functions Performed by an Imitator Entrepreneur
1.10Entrepreneur vs. Manager Relationship 1.11 Summary
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This book will help you to understand the process of setting up a small business, running it successfully and seeing it grow. And let us remind you that this career opportunity is not only for boys but also for girls - all those girls who think smart, are ready to act and script the story of their own life - like Shehnaz Hussain or
Ritu Kumar or Kiran Majumdar Shaw.

1.1 OBJECTIVES After going through this lesson you should be able to:
• Inculcate the Desire to take up Entrepreneurship as a Career
• Differentiate between Wage employment, Self-employment and
• Define and know the Meaning of the terms Entrepreneur,
Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
• Learn about the Functions performed by an Entrepreneur
• Understand the Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development
• Differentiate the roles of an Entrepreneur and a Manager 1.2 ENTREPRENEURSHIP AS A CAREER

After finishing your graduation you will be at the crossroads of life. You will face the dilemma of choosing what you have to do in life. The vast majority of human beings direct their activities towards earning a living, generating wealth and improving their standard of living. You can choose your career from two broad categories of options – Wage Employment or Entrepreneurship. The term ‘career’ signifies a continuous, ever evolving, ever expanding opportunity for personal as well as business growth

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