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Q1: List three personality traits, which are crucial for successful entrepreneur. Discuss them and provide argumentation for your thinking. 1. In my humble opinion, for being a successful entrepreneur you should have, without any doubts, at least a basic knowledge of the economic world; without that you can’t run a business, an enterprise or any kind of economic project. Second personal trait that an entrepreneur should have is a really strong personality, good ideas and an open mind, to be able to see everything in many different ways. Last but not least, I want to mention are romantic relationships; if an entrepreneur has some kind of romantic relationship, in my humble opinion he could not be able, totally, to run a good enterprise …show more content…
The entrepreneurial activity in Italy is basically the same as the rest of Europe, but it has not increased in the past few years mostly because of the lack of financial support plans, physical structures, adequate political programs and effective programs to improve the growth of new businesses. Other reasons of this decrease could be also the bad use of public resources, the waste of public money and structures, high business costs and low investors’ confidence. Becoming an entrepreneur in Italy is a career choice, but mostly is a dream that anyone has.
The typical early stage entrepreneur in Italy is male (more than double than women), is in the 24-35 year old category and well educated (with a university degree). In terms of regional distribution, 48.2% come from the North of the country, 17.5% from the Centre and 34.2% from the South and the Islands. Business owners in Italy are mostly male, and older than early-stage entrepreneur; 42% are between 35-44 years old. In Europe the datas are similar in France and Spain, and UK, USA, Japan established entrepreneurs are older (45-54 years old). The biggest amount of early-stage entrepreneurs comes from Northern Italy (52,8%); 17,6% from the centre and 29,6% from South and islands. Since Northern Italy has more population than centre and south, the entrepreneurship’s vitality is higher, and so are the investments and programmes. Italy has one of the

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