Entrepreneurship Is A Way Of Thinking Essay

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“Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, reasoning and acting that is opportunity obsessed, holistic in approach and leadership balanced. Entrepreneurship results in the creation, enhancement, realisation and renewal of value, not just for owners, but for all participants and stakeholders,” (Timmons and Spinelli as cited in Tweed, 2011, p.68). In this essay this will be the definition that will be used throughout. For decades’ academics and scholars have debated whether entrepreneurship can be taught to those willing to learn, or if those individuals are just fortunate to have the innate traits to become a successful entrepreneur. Because of this, many theories and definitions have appeared based on the actions, attributes and skills that past entrepreneurs possessed and present entrepreneurs currently hold. This essay hopes to argue that an individual cannot simply be taught entrepreneurship. This will be done by covering why entrepreneurship cannot be taught, how some aspects do help, and why you cannot develop an entrepreneurship mind-set. This first paragraph looks at why entrepreneurship cannot be taught. When looking at those educational institutions that offer entrepreneurship courses around the globe, not all courses are identical, but many have developed ones that largely focus on developing entrepreneurship skills and the understanding that comes along with it. However according to Hirsch and Peters (as cited by Henry, Hill, Leitch, 2005a), they have compiled a list
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