Entrepreneurship Is Accepting The Risk Of Starting And Running A Business

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Abstract “Entrepreneurship is accepting the risk of starting and running a business”. In this paper, we discuss and go over a couple of components that deal with entrepreneurship. As you can read, the business world today is a growing and competitive field and can get difficult, so a strong minded and determined individual to be an entrepreneur. We talk about how to begin, finances, goals, strategies, and proper marketing strategies used by successful entrepreneurs today. In the paper we also talk about a few pros and cons that come with owning your own business; being able to be your own boss, having the flexibility and freedom of making your own schedule, and the pay. But we also discuss the cons which are; the risk of getting a…show more content…
When putting your idea to work by opening a business, your idea may benefit people, while giving you the opportunity to produce a substantial amount of revenue. Working at a place where office politics disallow one from professional advancement, or you experience an environment where workers don’t get along, or disagreements with the supervisor is something that an entrepreneur gets to escape from. You also may be an inventive person who is working in a "non-creative" career. For instance, an accountant may be truthfully an artist or writer at heart. By becoming an entrepreneur, you can follow these sorts of occupations on a freelance basis. If you wish, you can even chase your desire part-time pending you are able to produce a full-time income. While weighing in on why entrepreneurship is right for you one must also consider finances, laws, leadership or responsibilities, marketing and or planning, strategy and operations, statistics, and lastly pros and cons. Finance Whenever you talk about startups and building new businesses, people often say money isn’t important for entrepreneurs, however along with patients money is quite significant. Money set aside is what kicks off a business, it’s the fuel that keeps it going. Without any money to help start your business it is just an idea or a dream. Whether someone has been in business one week or even five years, any amount of resources are always appreciated. Often

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