Entrepreneurship Project: Business Feasibility Analysis

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP ASSIGNMENT: BUSINESS FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS Cozzie Co., Ltd. Bride coaching services 28Dec, 2012 AMERICAN ACCREDITED PROGRAM - FOREIGN TRADE UNIVERSITY Feasibility Report Grade Sheet T eam Name: C ozzie Possible points Cover Sheet T eam Name, Proposed Company Name, Names of Team Members, D ate Introduction Provide a two or three sentence introduction to identify your product or service, and the purpose of your report. Your points 0 1 Phase 1: Product/Service Feasibi lity Analysis Discuss how you assessed the o verall appeal of the product or s ervice being proposed. Analyze your results and discuss your conclusions. What did you learn? What dec ision have you made about your product…show more content…
Base this on your research — not on your personal opinion; cite your sources. Discuss the results of a Porter 's Five Forces Analysis for your industry. Develop a set of criteria for determining how attractive the industry is. On a scale of 1 -5 (five is high), how attractive is the industry? What stage of the life cycle is the industry in? Describe any additional primary or secondary research you engaged in to 15 3|Page reach your conclusions. How many companies compete in t he industry? Are sales generally iincreasing or decreasing for companies in this industry? What trends do you see occurring in this industry? Refer to the Research Overview in this document. Market Timeliness Describe why the time is right for you to ent er the market — your window of opportunity. Refer to chapter 2. How timely is the introduction of your product or service? (Again, use a scale of 1 -5.) Justify your conclusion. Is your product/service an improvement to an existing product/service, or somet hing completely new? Is the current state of the broad environment helping or hindering you? Base your responses on your research — not on your personal opinions. Cite your sources. Identification of a Niche Market Describe the niche market (or markets) that your company will participate in. Explain why this particular market (or markets) is suitable for your startup. Describe the major challenges of competing in this market (or markets). How do you

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