Entrepreneurship Reflection Essay

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Entrepreneurship Reflection Essay Entrepreneurship Reflection Essay Entrepreneurs are constantly trying to improve a procedure or create a new innovated idea that will make them known. It’s a matter of trying to bring their ideas to life in hopes to make a difference. This paper will go over: the effects of entrepreneurs in health care, positive and negative ways entrepreneurship affected health care and will include a current example of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in health care Entrepreneurs make changes in health care from how it’s delivered to the quality. Entrepreneurs are also “simplifying medical decisions, reinvigorating primary care, and lowering health-care costs” (Howard, 2010). They bring new ideas to the health…show more content…
In conclusion, entrepreneurs bring positive aspects as well as negative aspects to health care. Entrepreneurs have to focus on what is going to help the population and what service can be improved in health care but there are challenges that will need to be taken into consideration. Is important to look at areas that need improvement and manage to make their ideas come to life in an innovated way that will have them recognized but can also save health care company money as well as save patients money. References Howard, P. (2010). Health Care’s New Entrepreneurs. Retrieved from http://www.city-journal.org/2008/18_3_health_care_innovators.html Zimmerman, E. (2012, January 12). 12 entrepreneurs reinventing health care. Retrieved from

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