Entrepreneurship : Risky Venture

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Entrepreneurship is risky venture, because of the many facts that could affect its outcome, however a lot of people are willing to overcome those challenges hoping to become their own boss. Mr. Bahar, 31 years old, a gentleman from Sudan, who came to the United States in 2004, is one of the people who risk it all to start a home based start-up trucking company, (He runs it from his apartment in Fort Wayne, IN). In an interview I had with him, Mr. Bahar talked to us about his experience. When I asked Mr. Bahar about his background, He stated that he came to the United States in 2004 as a refugee from Sudan, He had to flee his hometown to survive, and once He got here, He joined the workforce right away, and started working odd jobs at first, then after a few months later, he went to factories ones, but then in 2007, he thought about doing something on his own, “I just want to have time for myself too. Because my schedule with overtimes was too overloaded, therefore I rented a little shop in my neighborhood in Michigan City and used it to sell cheaper clothes, shoes, accessories for teenage girls, candies…etc.It was like a small version of a convenient store.” He said, but unfortunately the shop did not meet Mr. Bahar expectations either because the revenues was barely covering the expenses and the little profit left was not enough. After getting to a dead end, Mr. Bahar decided to get his CDL License in 2009 and started working for many big names on the field, such as
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