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UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL ENTREPRENEURSHIP & BUSINESS C R E AT I O N ULMS 709 BUSINESS PLAN FOR W W W. A I D E R . C O M Entrepreneurship & Business Creation ULMS 709 Contents 1. About “Aider” (Part A)…3 2. Strategic Windows…5 3. Identification of Opportunity (Window Identification)…6 4. Positioning “aider.com” (Window Location)…7 5. Quantitative and Qualitative analysis (Window Measurement)…9 6. Resource procurement (Opening the Window)…12 7. Sustainability (Closing the Window)…14 8. Entrepreneurial Attributes (Part B)…16 Reference…20 2 Entrepreneurship & Business Creation ULMS 709 1. About “Aider” (Part A) This document contains a plan of a perceived business opportunity. The opportunity realised is in the World Wide…show more content…
With Internet penetration growing in the silicon valley of the east, Bangalore, there lies an opportunity to cater the demand for easy accessible website which would be simple to use and easy to manage. According to the Indian edition of the entrepreneur magazine, 49% of the Internet using population in Bangalore uses Internet to search for information online. This provides a great opportunity for small businesses and professionals to showcase their products online. To have a website, the user need not have to have their own establishment/department as this can cause lots of financial strain and could drain away vital resources. Running costs for maintaining the website, development staff, office overheads, software’s and hardware’s can be totally un proportional to the benefits a website can bring both for companies as well as professionals. A better alternative would be to pay nominal fees for services to a website design company like “aider.com” which would take care of all the needs and provide attractive website templates which would create the website for user in minutes. 6 Entrepreneurship & Business Creation ULMS 709 4. Positioning “Aider” (Window Location) Product positioning is one of the fundamental elements of the planning process. Aider.com has been offered keeping in the mind the unique position it would
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