Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Abstract The following pages focus on analyzing the blood donation helpline developed in India through some of the theories learning in this course. The most important theories that can be applied in this case are represented by the opportunity recognition theory, the social and frugal entrepreneurship theory, and the technological change and entrepreneurial opportunities theory. The Introduction presents the points of view addressed in this paper. The Situation Presentation section provides important information on the innovation project discussed in this paper. The Innovation Analysis section discusses the theories that apply to this situation. The Conclusions section presents some of the most important issues addressed by the paper. Introduction The characteristics of the business environment determine companies to develop strategies that are based on innovation. In other words, the entrepreneurship skills of managers must be combined with innovation activities. This is because specialists in the field recommend that companies focus on developing innovative products in order to create competitive advantage. The high quality of products is not sufficient in improving their position on the market. It is also necessary to get ahead by investing in innovation. The investments made by companies in innovation processes have numerous benefits. These processes are intended to help companies reduce their production costs. This leads to
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