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Assessment 7: Business Planning (20.0 points) In Unit 7, you learned about forming a company purpose, making a business plan, and doing a SWOT analysis. Now, you'll apply what you learned to analyze real companies and develop your own business idea. 1. Visit the Website for a well-known company, and find the unit that states its mission. Then answer the following questions about it. TIP: If the company's Web site doesn't describe its mission, choose a different company. a. What is the name of the company, and what is its mission? (1.0 points) Tennis Warehouse is a company that wants to provide people with the best tennis gear and equipment to get better. b. How does the mission relate to the type of products the company sells? (1-3…show more content…
c. Did anything surprise you about the company's values? Why or why not? (1-3 sentences. 1.0 points) No, in a service based company, the people providing the service must have good values or else their customers will not want to return. People get haircuts every few months, so employees must have good values for their customers to keep returning. 3. Using the business idea you chose in Assessment 6, write a mission statement, vision statement, and list of 3-5 company values. (5.0 points) As a Professional Tennis Coach I want my students to be the best they can be in tennis, i use that mentality to try their hardest in everything they do. I also want to create future tennis pro’s, by training them everyday they can develop their game to get at least a college scholarship. 4. Make a list of at least 4 people you will want to give copies of your business plan to, and explain why you chose each of those people. (2-4 sentences. 2.0 points) 5. Describe at least three characteristics that you want people to associate with your brand. (1-3 sentences. 3.0 points) My work would be service based, I would want people to think of discipline, respect, and total focus when they come to my academy. I also would be selling some products, I want people to think of them as high quality, reasonable priced, and efficient. 6. Do a SWOT analysis for your company. Describe

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