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Current Event Article #1 Current Event Article #1 For this assignment I decided to choose an article related to entrepreneurship. The article that I chose for this assignment is called “The Choices That Led Small Business Owners to Wealth” by Paul Sullivan. This article talks about some of the obstacles that some of the most successful entrepreneurs faced and what they did in order to get past those obstacles. This article goes over decision-making, risk taking, recruiting and more. The article starts off with an entrepreneur named William Greenblatt. It talks about how Mr. Greenblatt’s decision-making skills and confidence allowed him to take a company that he founded when he was in college to a global business with 3,900…show more content…
After this spike in revenue he decided to hire a chief operating officer to take over the company. Blaine Vess thought that it would be best to let someone else with more experience take over his company and it was. Once the new chief operating officer took over, StudyMode’s revenue increased to $20 million a year. Overall the article I chose talks about entrepreneurs and how certain decisions they made helped them become successful. Overall, I really enjoyed this article. This article not only informed me about why certain things are important but also provided examples of real situations. In the business world you will constantly be confronted with problems and decisions to make. Therefore, knowing how to make and choose the right decisions will be crucial when stepping into the business world. However, knowing how to make the right decisions is not as simple as it seems. Making decisions requires strategy and technique. The article did a great job explaining how entrepreneurs made a final decision based on what they thought was best for their business. As mentioned earlier, the article also touches on recruiting and pay. It provided an example of an entrepreneur who decided to invest in his employees. In order to make his business successful an entrepreneur decided that he would first need to make
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