Entry Market For P & G Pampers Division Next Year

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Three countries I choose to be the target markets are Mexico, India, and China; and I recommend Mexico as the entry market for P&G Pampers Division next year. In order to explain the reasons why I recommend Mexico, I am going to compare and contrast the three countries of the status quo in economics, population, health, business climate (trade), and industry macroscopically. Before analyzing, I have three important points to emphasize in order to explain the reasons why I choose these certain levels and fields. First, due to the limit resources I have right now, it is impossible for me to find out the micro level information within each country, which include people’s willingness of acceptance the imported goods, the degree of dependence on local brands, the market share of the local pamper brands in the local market, and the market saturation of pamper products. As the result, I decide to examine these countries in a macro level. Second, since we are only aiming to find the entry market, we do not have to firstly worry about the financial status quo such as investment flows, debt controls, or inflation rate. Third, my analysis is based on 2014’s data and information provided by global EDGE; I am not using any current news or updated policies in each country as the analyzing standards. For example, China’s recent policy of allowing each couple to have two children would definitely affect the demographics of population and population growth, whereas I am not going to use

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