Entry Of Practice Competency Assessment

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Entry to practice Competency Assessment #Competency Name:- 21) Organizes workload and develops time-management skills to meet responsibilities 22) Plans how to incorporate conflict-resolution skills when needed 03 rofessional Responsibility and Accountability – Implementation 31) E. Autonomously performs a wide range of nursing interventions (actions, treatment and techniques) that: provide palliation. 35) In collaboration with the client and interprofessonal health care team, prepares client for surgical/diagnostic tubes and skin and wound care. 39) Uses appropriate technology to perform safe effective and efficient nursing interventions. 46) Applies conflict-resolution skills when needed 04 Professional Responsibility and Accountability – Evaluation 51) Supports professional efforts in nursing to achieve a healthier population (e.g., advocating, attending health fairs and promoting principals of the Canada Health Act) 56) Responds appropriately to rapidly changing situations 57) Evaluates effects of organizational culture on nursing practice (e.g. general differences) 05 Ethical Practice – Assessment 67) Demonstrates knowledge of the distinction between ethical responsibilities and legal rights and their relevance when providing nursing care 06 Ethical Practice - Planning 72) Establishes and maintains a caring environment that supports clients in achieving optimal health outcomes, goals to manage illness or a peaceful death 07 Ethical Practice Implementation 74)
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