Entry Of The New Testament And The Getty Villa

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Ellie Smith Religion 102 December 5, 2014 -Diary entry describing Christianity in ancient Greece as reflected through the New Testament and the Getty Villa. Dear Diary, Today marks my third week in Greece so far. I am finally getting used to the culture and customs of the people here, but it is very different from home. Each and every day I struggle to express myself through my religion, but it proves to be difficult. Many people here are opposed to Christianity, and it is easy to fall into the beliefs and practices of others. I just recently converted to Christianity, after hearing on the missionary Paul. Christianity and God bring so much joy to my life, but I feel as if I am unable to share that joy with the people here in Corinth. You see, Paul has taught us to worship God and God alone. Worshipping and valuing humans is not what God wants. The social class distinction here is very evident, and elitism is based on worldly views of wealth and power, not based on God. The most well respected people here are the most intelligent, or possess items of ultimate luxury. The women here care more about their expensive jewelry than they do about expressing their beliefs in God. It is hard to not be jealous of the women who have everything they want. I know that God does not want us to be tempted by the world of materialism, but to follow in his path. As I said before, the class distinction based on wealth and power is evident everywhere you go. The worst part is during

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