Entry Report to Chinese Wine Market

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Executive Summary
This report discusses all of the relevant aspects relating to the entry of Dorrien Estate wines into the Chinese market. In the course of due diligence, this report outlines all relevant information required for entry to a foreign market.
The uncontrollable factors such as the Chinese economy, political climate, technological, socio-cultural and legal factors are first extrapolated showing that China is the second largest economy in the world and plays an influential role in the global economy. The robust economy has given rise to high levels of disposable income, leading to increased demand for foreign products, and in particular, Australian wine. Politics and the economy are closely inter-related, with the Chinese
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The report first delivers a background of market attractiveness and uncontrollable macro-economic factors relevant to market entry such as the political and economic climate, socio-cultural, legal, environmental and technological factors that may effect and influence the international marketing practices of the organisation in entering the Chinese Wine Market.
The report then delivers an audit of the Chinese market including size, consumer behaviour, distribution and transport channels, promotional mechanisms and pricing arrangements. Major competing firms are analysed and their marketing tactics are discussed.
Market Entry strategies available to organisations are evaluated and recommendations made as to the best approaches Dorrien Estate should execute in order to gain entry to the Chinese market. The report also outlines some key marketing strategies and tactics that may be executed by Dorrien Estate to gain market share and raise product and brand awareness in the Chinese
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