Entry Strategy of H&M

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Since H&M opened the first shop in Sweden in 1947, using an American concept of shops selling stylish clothes with low prices bring H&M successful in the domestic market. H&M started to expand internationally from 1964. Not only Europe market, H&M also enter in North America, Asia and Middle East market. H&M became one of the biggest worldwide leading fashion retailers. Until Year 2010, H&M has around 2,000 stores in 37 markets (Data from H&M-US Website). Details of market overview of H&M can be referred to Appendix I. [pic] Source: Annual Report of H&M 2009 http://www.hm.com/filearea/corporate/fileobjects/pdf/en/ANNUAL_REPORT_ARCHIVE2009__ITEM_3_1269424409886.pdf In this part, we will study how H&M enter into United Stated market using…show more content…
By using franchising mode, H&M sells the intangible property to the franchisee and also has the right to decide how to run the business in the company. As adaptation of entry mode in different markets, H&M get success in international expansion in retailer industry and now become market leader in this industry. Appendix I Market Overview of H&M [pic] Source: H&M Annual Report 2009
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