Env/420 Ecology and Wildlife Risk Evaluation Analysis Essay example

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Human and Ecological Risk Assessment

Ecology and Wildlife Risk Evaluation Analysis


This analysis of case studies from Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the case study to predict the effects of pesticides on aquatic systems and the waterfowl that uses them. Comparing the two processes of these case studies, along with analysis of the assessments. Describing the case study on the effects of pesticides in aquatic ecosystem, the risk assessment correlated to observed field studies and evaluate the importance of this type of correlation in general for all risk assessment efforts. Breaking down the ecological and social
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A conceptual framework was developed that incorporated characteristics of chemicals, agricultural landscapes, and aquatic ecosystems that interact to influence exposure. From this framework, the workgroups designed a tiered system for the risk assessment process in which the assessment progresses from a deterministic assessment to probabilistic assessments of increasing complexity. Each tier includes several experimental and analytical options that reduce uncertainty and provide more complete descriptions of the aquatic environment (Environmental Proection Agency, 2012). The risk assessment was to use the field data to include the uncertainties that eliminates any more future concerns with affecting the species during this process, along with the reduction of the mortality rate among the ducklings. The breakdown of the uncertainties was used for predicting the magnitude and probabilities of adverse effects to non target aquatic and terrestrial species resulting from the introduction of pesticides into their environment the probabilistic analysis used in the assessment provides quantification towards the uncertainties in the risk estimate. The risk assessment of the complex exposure to the pesticides provides methods to estimate the probability and impacts resulting from exposure, in this approach. In al it sheds light on the case study that certain elements and processes need to be
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