Enviornemntal, Organizational Audit and Strategic Planning of Mercedes Benz

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1.1 P3 1.2.1 SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT (S-Strengths, W-Weaknesses, O-Opportunities, T-Threats), is a useful analyzing tool to review a business’s strategy, position and its proposition which makes all aspects of its functions more measureable and quantifiable. It brings in more accountability due to which better implementations can be conducted on its planning strategies, competitor evaluation, marketing, product development and research reports. Six categories can be allotted to translating the analysis into actions, namely product, process, customer, distribution, finance & administration. Yet care should be taken that personal viewpoints do not hinder potential opportunities. This is because threats at often times also…show more content…
The preparation for such scenarios could help organizations protect their revenue streams, increase profitability even in the face of unforeseeable events and ensure business continuity. Scenario planning not only provides managers a sense of the early signs of when a particular scenario might be unraveling (anticipatory insurance) but also encourages a creative tolerance for ambiguity – allowing the firm to have in place the resources and skills to deal with the situation in such events, in addition to an understanding of what current practices it would need to change to serve such a purpose. Such disruptions can be categorized into the following groups: 1. Market disruptions such as new competition, market transitions and technology advances 2. Natural & biological disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes & pandemics 3. Political or social changes such as terrorist attacks, new regulations, etc. 4. Other unexpected events The benefits of such planning leads not only to greater customer loyalty and retention as consumers have more confidence in businesses that know where they’re headed and are ready for any sort of disruptions, but also in increased revenues due to the reliance such companies provide through their planning processes. In addition, companies which

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