Enviornmental Science Ilab 1 Essay

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Environmental Science
Human Impact on Earth's Sustainable Cycles
By: Robert Faison
Nicole Diaz
Maria Fonseca

Exercise 1
Part 1
How does a class being conducted online instead of on campus increase or decrease the classes' contribution to the carbon cycle during the term?
Conducting online classes not only is time efficient but also prevents students to pollute earth. Being on campus would ask student for transportation. How will the students come from home to campus? Universities are never on walking distances therefor having a personal car or using transits such as buses or taxis is the only way to get to school. Universities hold thousands of students which mean if each student carried a personal car or used the transit that
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As rock breaks down, phosphate and other ions are released. Plants then absorb the phosphates from the soil with the assistance of water. The phosphorus cycle moves the essential element from Earth’s crust into its soil, fresh water ecosystems, terrestrial ecosystems, and oceans. This process, especially the portion involving the sea floor and Earth’s crust, typically takes many millions of years.

Because of its relative rarity, phosphorus is frequently a limiting factor in the growth of plants and other organisms which relate to tropical rain forests.

Nitrogen Cycle To become biologically available, inert nitrogen gas (N2) must become “fixed,” or combined with hydrogen in nature to form ammonium ions (NH4), which are chemically and biologically active and can be taken up by plants. However, once nitrogen undergoes the right kind of chemical change, it becomes available to the organisms that need it and can then act as a potent fertilizer.
To the tropical forest nitrogen supports as a potent fertilizer in the forest.

Nitrogen Cycle
Carbon Cycle
The carbon cycle describes the routes that carbon atoms take through the nested networks of environmental systems.
The abundance of plants and the fact that they take in so much carbon dioxide for photosynthesis makes plants a major reservoir, or sink, for CO2, and thus for carbon. Carbon Cycle
The tropical rain forest is like a melting pot for carbon dioxide to
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