Envirnomental Psychology

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An earthquake so powerful that it knocks the earth off its axis and the coast drops off three feet. A tsunami follows the earthquake leaving tens of thousands of people dead. When watching a live tsunami along the Japanese coast is quite an amazing sight. It was such an extraordinary and dramatic sight to get to witness broadcasting live into the homes across the world. This is an analysis on what is known to be the largest earthquake and biggest tsunami ever to hit Japan on March 11, 2011.
The earthquake and tsunami
Japans coast lies in ruins after the earthquake hit followed by the tsunami picking up everything in its path like cars, houses, and warehouses. Seismometers, strain gages, and title gages records
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An earthquake or any act caused by Mother Nature can’t always be predicted and the world has seen what Japan went through. Finding a support group to cope to get through life is something victims will benefit from in the time of need.


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I have to say that I had a bad perspective to find out that I had left a class on bad terms with a former team mate, and to see that by the grace of God we were once again team mates. However, I am one to not hold grudges and I basically said to myself…”Well Desi, this is a class and in this world we are not always placed in situations that we feel comfortable.” Thus, I put my differences to the
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