Enviro Pod ' : A Psychological Evaluation

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‘Enviro-Pod’: A psychological evaluation

This report explores the reliability of claims that the company ‘Enviro-Pod’, can provide products which both improve staff welfare and contribute to a lower staff absence rate for participating offices. The expected benefits are a result of making changes in the workplace to replicate a more natural environment, bringing in elements of the outdoors. The principal aim of this report is to explore to what extent psychological research and theory supports this. The findings of this report show the products do haves some basis in psychological research, however assumptions are made about the products being widely effective in office environments, and the data provided for buyers of the
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That is, a place that offers sanctuary by restoring an optimum level of happiness, through the reduction of the feelings of anxiety and stress for example (Stevens, 2015). It is thought that there is a cognitive aspect to this process, found through our response to natural environments which helps stimulate our senses through the excitement and fascination of new environments, not found at work (Kaplan and Kaplan, Cited in Stevens, p.345). What the email therefore tries to address is the difficulty in encouraging this process in the workplace where stimulus is constant and unchanging. The danger for employees to experience depression and anxiety through under stimulation is addressed in the email, and is more commonly referred to in psychology as attentional fatigue. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to quantify the feasibility of the Enviro-Pod products in being able to tackle this problem.

3: Enviro-Pod products as natural solutions
The email suggests that the products are suitable for everyone, where in reality this would be incredibly difficult to achieve. Research into biophilia shows a strong human reaction to living and natural things, however this isn’t always on a positive level. According to Wilson (1993) people can experience anything from attraction to anxiety when faced with natural settings (Wilson,

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