Enviromental Scanning

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Environmental scanning

October 29, 2012
John Fritch

Environmental scanning
Coco-Cola and Pepsi are two major competitors in the beverage industry but each company is working on being different even though each company has similar products. Both companies are very popular and each company needs to develop and maintain a competitive edge that will help one or the other stay above the other. To gain a competitive edge, measurement guidelines need to be implemented to make sure that strategic planning is effective and to confirm that the plan is effective.
This paper will examine both companies and what competitive advantages each company has and the strategies each company is using to keep the advantage. The competitive
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Developing knowledge will enable Coca-Cola to build customer relations by obtaining information from customer opinion surveys and collaborative endeavors to create new products and enhance existing products. The channel marketing will provide more in-depth and cohesive data for Coca-Cola. A clear focus will be placed on environment, culture, and health of employees, and locations of plant, by concentrating on sustainable development. The effectiveness of the measurement guidelines will be governed by implementing continual evaluation and control. Through collaboration of the aforementioned aspects, Coca-Cola will be able to determine what to measure, establish standards of performance, measure actual performance, and compare actual performance with the standard.
Officially patented in 1903 Pepsi came on the heels of Coca-Cola, offering a new beverage for the masses since then Pepsi’s growth has been phenomenal (Andy, 2012). Pepsi has evaluated continual growth in many of the same ways as Coca-Cola, however, being a competitor, Pepsi will need to confirm guidance and set performance goals to maintain competitive advantages for investment potential. The most recent performance goals of Pepsi are to grow international revenues at two times the real global GDP rate. Increase snacks and beverages market share in the top 20 markets, sustain brand equity scores, continue to expand division operating margins, increase cash flow in proportion to the net income growth over
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