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Jakob Hanlon
Environment and Society

Whiskey is for Sipping, Water is for Fighting: An Analysis of Tapped

Water is a simple molecule consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, however this simple molecule is vital to humans, without it we cannot survive. Water is an absolute necessity in everyday life, the maximum amount that a human being can go without water is around three days. In recent years the bottled water market has sky rocketed, making jaw dropping profit off of a molecule that most consider a human right. The 2009 documentary Tapped seeks out the origin of bottled water and the reason why consumers today are infatuated with plastic water bottles. The documentary also showcases where the water comes from, how it is effecting the environment, and exactly where most of the plastic bottles end up. The documentary begins with statements about bottled water, stating that water is more expensive than gasoline and that water is really the next great empire. The first part of the film focuses on the community of Fryeberg, Maine, where the citizens are trying to prevent Poland Spring (a company owned by Nestle) from pumping their municipal water in order to sell it for over a 1000% profit. The documentary focuses on the citizens’ efforts to get the practice banned, however they are unsuccessful, mainly because the company pumps water, and proceeds to sell it in the exact same state. One particular man compares the water mining to the oil rush in…
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