Environment Changes and Challenges

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Executive Summary

As the bank is directly affected from the internal and external environment forces and also affects the bank outcome, top management must be aware and monitored the dimensions of the inside and outside environment forces. However, it is essentially for the bank leader to be aware of exactly how these environment forces may contribute or distract the process of production. Moreover, making your employees understand the important of diversity is s such valuable resource because it could boosts the bank abilities to achieve the planned goals. In addition, it will empower the bank leadership together with a talented skills in which it help to resolve issues and conflicts.

This report paper will define a restructure
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There are as the following:

Development of customer’s relationship:
To get more close with customers, NBO is generating strategies and methods to develop the relation with it customers by ensuring offering useful, best, and suitable services and products.

Enhance high work performance: NBO enhance its employees to learn new skills that will increase their job performance to high quality standard and that is through under several incentives types. Also, training is provided for all employees to according to each individual work needs. Maintain the best business technology:
It is very important to adopt the right and best technology within the organization that meet the global business environment. NBO is competing to adopt one of the best technology system named (back office and symphony system) which imitative with product differentiation and diversification.

Building Flexible environment:
NBO provide flexible work environment to it worker and able to respond to the market change quickly and easily due to its flexible strategies. For example, flexible work hours, long period loans installments, 24/7 customer services, and provide home-working facility for the
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