Environment: Energy Development and Environmental Problems

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Criteria: CAUSE | Rich nations | Developing nations | Industries (MNCs, TNCs) | Cause | Historically, rich nations are primary contributors to global warming due to past industrial activity.Per capita consumption patterns are highest in the developed world. | Currently, some of the developing nations who are the larger contributors to global warming.In the future, it is the current rapidly developing nations that will be the primary contributors to global warming. | --While it may appear that some of the developing nations are greater contributors to carbon emissions today, much of such emissions are from industrial activity from companies owned by rich nations. --Physical location is thus not as important as national ownership. |…show more content…
(Need not cut back on energy consumption) | Lack of willLack of cooperation | Based on current trends in science and technology, Man is likely to invent more ingenuous ways of protecting the environment while at the same time enjoying economic progress. | Man appears to have reached the limits of his intellectual abilities. | Protecting the environment can also be economically viable as evidenced by eco-tourism and jobs in the alternative energy market. | Man’s Greed | It is increasingly possible to protect the environment because of the use of alternative energy resources, the increased pressure from governments to work together to seek solutions, the more ingenuous ways of protecting the environment and the economically viable pursuits. However, the overwhelming obstacles such as the heavy reliance on fossil fuels, lack of will and cooperation, Man’s Greed and the appearance that Man has reached his intellectual limits .......... Not Possible | Obstacle | Many governments are unwilling to adopt alternative sources of energy due to the high costs associated and the hassle that comes with changing existing infrastructures. People’s fears that such modern forms of technology may have ill effects. | Dependency of many countries on fossil fuels that are highly polluting to fuel economic growthDependency of many countries on exploiting natural resources to fuel
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