Environment Issues Face The Competition

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Environment issues face the competition to get attention with other priorities in social and economic development. Establishing environment priorities need a certain cost. A clear considerable between cost and benefit could address the problem about the affordability of environmental cost. Most countries in the world experienced in a devastating environmental degradation to give a more attention to environment such as Minamata case in Japan or fog in London (Calkins et al. 1994). However, Indonesia never had experienced in such disaster. The government attention to the environment was started when the government participated in the Stockholm conference in 1972. The creating special minister for the environment was the landmark for Indonesian attitude toward environment matters. Emil Salim as the first minister for the environment acknowledges that potential threat for forest degradation is population pressure. To protect from deforestation the minister establishes a large forest area for conservation or national park (Cribb 1990). The concept ‘eco development’ was introduced by the minister. The policy means that every development should conduct an assessment of environmental impact (Nomura 2009). Improving environment quality needs efficiency and it also needs well distribution of the development. However, Economic growth is related with increasing pressure on natural resources and increasing waste. Healthy environment is associated with high income community because
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