Environment Obligation of Chevron Corporation

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Corporate Environment Obligation: An examination of the performance of Chevron Corporation
Nowadays, increasing customers worried about the negative effects that large companies put on environment especially some energy industries. Chevron Corporation is one of largest multinational energy corporations in the world which has branch offices in more than 100 countries. It is engaged in all the aspects of gas and crude oil, which include exploration, production, marketing, chemicals manufacturing and so on (Chevron Corporation. n.d.). Although Chevron produce energy to power economic growth of America, even the whole world, the environmental problems it caused has aroused great public concern. This essay analyses the environmental
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(Brazil Sues Oil Giant Chevron For $10.85 Billion Over Offshore Leak. 2011).
The case for Chevron Corporation
On the contrary, Chevron Corporation continuously optimizes its operating processes to reduce waste and pollution and to preserve natural resources as well as environment. In 2007, Chevron has developed an Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) process to evaluate new project for health and environmental impacts. ESHIA process is used to minimize the serious negative impacts and to enhance the benefits when a project is being planned, operated and decommissioned. Stakeholder engagement is the most important aspect to this process throughout the life of a project. EDHIS has already been applied for about 700 capital projects all over the world, for instance the Frade Field in the Campos Basin offshore Brazil. Chevron Brasil is cooperating with Federal University of Rio Grande to research the species and distribution of marine mammals like dolphins and whales in Frade Field area. The purpose of this project is to identify and monitor the congregation area of dolphins and whales and establish the conservation areas ( Environment. 2011)

Diversity ecosystem plays a significant role in sustainable development by providing necessary
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