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I do not believe that there isn't an environmental, population, or resource crisis, in all aspects. I think that there is. And I don't believe that the situation is becoming better as the author suggests. But there are some problems facing the world today that we must deal with. Such as the over population situation facing many third world countries.
     Referring to the figure1-13, I think that the endangered species is the least of our problems out of the degradation of the environment, over population and the vanishing bio-diversity. Although the animals are important to many aspects of life as well as many different cultures, it isn't the most vital statistic that we must work on. In many countries anywhere
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The pollution facing countries like Poland and Russia is horrible. The substances that cause this is industrial and radio active waste. One problem that is very large is over population. The following countries are some that have this problem: Mali, Burkina, Faso, Niger, Togo, and Benin. The reason for this is because they have poor funding for birth control and not have much funding for medical care.
     In the figure 1-16, the following are discussed, air pollution, water pollution, waste production, food supply problems, and bio-diversity depletion. All of these are major problems facing the world today. And I believe that they are all problems that are not becoming any better. The pollution that is in the air is much worse, I think, than 300 years ago, along with water pollution.
     In figure 1-20, it shows the degree of human disturbance. There is 27% of the world that has not been disturbed yet, which leaves about 73% that is being occupied. If the earth's population continues as it is, we will soon run out of space for people to live. The problem is the percentage of the world being occupied is already over populated.
     I feel that I am better off then my parents were when they were my age. Because technology is so much more advanced. Also because there are so many opportunities for school and jobs. When I say better off I mean that I have more of a
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