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CU2652 - Prepare Environments and Resources for Use during Healthcare Activities

1. Explain how the environment is prepared, maintained and cleaned to ensure it is ready for the healthcare activity
All areas that are being used for healthcare activities should be cleaned with either disinfectant wipes each morning and in between patients/procedures. Equipment should be all new out of the packets and clean. For things more major such as vasectomy’s, minor surgery or family planning clinics, areas should be cleaned everywhere with a disinfectant fluid and also with wipes, gloves should always be worn as well as other PPE such as aprons and hats. All equipment should be new from the packet and only touched by the person who is using
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All healthcare workers are required to report anything that effects the environment. For example speaking to a senior staff member or manager straight away, explaining the problem so it can be dealt with properly. Reportable incidents: deaths, major injuries, some work-related diseases; dangerous occurrences – where something happens that does not result in an injury, but could have done; registered gas fitters must also report dangerous gas fittings they find, and gas conveyors/suppliers must report some flammable gas incidents. RIDDOR applies to all work activities but not all incidents are reportable

3. Describe the impact of environmental changes on resources including their storage and use
Most consumables used in healthcare have a use by date and will need to be replaced, at haxby we check stock weekly to make sure it is all in date. some pieces of equipment/drugs can be ruined by temperature or sunlight.

3.1 Describe the importance of ensuring that environments are ready for their next use
To make sure the area is sterile and ready for use and also that all needed equipment is available and also sterile. Preparing this makes it easier to prevent any cross infection. E.g procedures at haxby- we prepare couch and equipment while the patient is waiting so it is all ready and prepared for their procedure when they are called in, doing this helps as we have more time to make sure everything

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