Environment Problems

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Our environment is facing many problems lately that cannot be ignored. This is an important issue that we all need to try and solve, because it is becoming more and more of a problem in our everyday life. Most of us are ignoring the fact that pollution and litter is becoming a big problem in this society, also that all of us are a part of it.

We are experiencing many problems in the environment, for example, water pollution, air pollution and litter. There are many ways that we can help the environment to thrive, starting with simple steps is a great start. Simple things such as walking more instead of driving or recycling can help the environment greatly. Also lessening your garbage production which reduces garbage overflow. You can also start to use organic and biodegradable products in your everyday life. One major environmental problem we face in New Zealand is litter. We see rubbish lying on the pavements and on the road, on the beach and on the fields and most of us ignore it, some litter takes years to degrade, causing harm to the environment. A Survey Status shows that a total of 18,620 items of bulky and visible waste were counted on just 56% of Auckland pavement, these results show that this is becoming a big problem in the environment. These simple steps can help reduce pollution and litter around the world and in New Zealand; and it all starts with simple steps and improvements in our life, then more effective and larger suggestions should be equipped to this
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