Environment Values And Values

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The environment impacts human beings negatively and positively in many aspects. The environment provides humans many things from things like water, air, nutrients, water cycling for agriculture and disease prevention or recreation. These things are give to humans for free, so why do not we value the environment. The environment provides us with many things which we need to survive on day to day basis, which is one of the reason why I value another environment. The second reason being the instrumental value, meaning that being in and seeing nature bring people satisfaction. To me being nature helps me keep my mental wellness positive if there are any issues or negative problems, which I am unable to resolve. Being in nature gives me that satisfaction and promotes me to solve them. Second being the intrinsic value that nature can stand alone. I believe this because humans came to earth, environment existed before. The environment could sustain and preserve it self before, it is due to human’s activities that is destroying the environment.
We all acquire beliefs and values from many sources. We all react differently to life experiences which ultimately influences the way in which we see and interpret the world around us. The following factors of schooling system, parents and government/ health safety sector, have influenced me to the see environment in such perspective. The first factor is schooling system because education plays a big role in a person’s perception, behaviour
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